How do you choose a good drycleaner?

One excellent way to find a cleaner is to look for one that is a member of industry groups and participates in both community (for example the BBB or Chamber of Commerce) and industry (Drycleaning and Laundry Institute, California Cleaners association) groups.

These groups share information and best practices so everyone who participates is a winner! On-going training is a must!

Like any industry, there are constant changes that conscientious drycleaner will keep up with; new types of garments, new and better equipment and techniques and better methods of communication.

This month is the Drycleaning Industries largest event. The CLEAN SHOW! Read more about this at

I will be there - and I am presenting on a panel along with other respected cleaners.

It is both an honor and a responsibility:-)


Fashion Care Pro said...

Hi Sasha,

Great advice for finding a "Good" Dry cleaners. Remember you can always find "Great" Dry cleaners like Ablitt's at Americas Best Cleaners.


John Kenly said...

DryCleanAuthority always provide good tips.

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