3 Facts Your Drycleaner thinks you know

If you go to the drycleaners regularly, you will eventually have an issue. Perhaps this is the reason drycleaners have such a bad reputation with the public. I believe that these occurrences are the best way to determine if you have chosen the right cleaner for you. This is really an opportunity for you.

ANY concern you voice should be taken seriously! It may or may not be the drycleaners fault (they may not be able to know at first blush) - but they should care that you are unsatisfied.

Wear and life - Just like your car when you drive it off the lot, your clothes loose value with every passing day. The FTC and IFI (the laundry and drycleaning institute) publish guidelines that state most garments have a life of 2 years. Even leathers have a lifetime of 10 years. If you love vintage clothes - be sure to tell your cleaner the age of the item. The cleaner may not want to clean it because it is not their specialty. That's OK. You can find another.

Your drycleaner assumes what you drop off is drycleanable - This is often not true. Hand painted garments often can not be put in a dryclean machine. Another example, many Tommy Bahama silk items must be cleaned exactly according to care labels or else the dyes will fade or bleed.

You get what you pay for - Many cleaners limit their liability to 10 to 20 times the cost of cleaning. This is a well established guideline and is often printed on your receipt. This is fine if you have dockers or other main stream items cleaned. However, if you regularly take your $4000 Armani suit, or Dolce Gabbana dress to be cleaned, your clothes may not be getting the attention they need. Be sure to always let your cleaner know if you have these sort of expensive items.

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