Americas Best Cleaners

I am in NYC right now learning from many of America's best cleaners. We are discussing topics that range from "The fashion industries sustainable future" with presenters including Doug Shriver from Brooks Brothers and Nicholas Regine from Swarovski Crystals (As a side did you know that some of the Cristal used for ornamentation on garments are still made with lead?!), to "The Green Economy" and Bogner Winter 2008 Ski Wear and Why I only trust ABC by Edwin Abreu of Brioni.

I know that just talking and sharing ideas with this diverse group makes my business more valuable to my customers. I recommend that you look for a cleaner with affiliations. This sort of training and continuous improvement is something less than one in ten drycleaners bothers to do. Any cleaner that cares enough to invest time in this sort of growth, is delivering their customers greater value. I also believe it is a huge benefit to our employees, making us a better community citizens.

America's Best Cleaners is one way we can regulate or "certify" the quality of the cleaners in the association. The group is there to serve the garment industry and is currently partnered with Hugo Boss, Brioni, and Brooks Brothers. In exchange for these clothiers recommending America's Best Cleaners, the organization created an objective program to ensure that the customers (you) will have the best dryclean experience and value.

What makes a cleaner one of America's Best?

  1. Review of all aspects of production before cleaner is accepted
  2. Monthly solvent testing - for cleanliness and ph
  3. Quarterly secret shop for quality
  4. Quarterly secret shop for service
  5. Direct customer service surveys
All members must maintain good standing on every one of these items in order to be included.
Drycleaning aside, it is fascinating to by in NYC right now discussing business!

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