For the guy who is sick of his shirt buttons breaking

Imagine you are on a business trip. It is 6am and you are getting dressed in your hotel room. You pull out your dress shirt that was, cleaned, pressed and folded for travel by your drycleaner. You are going to look like a million bucks for this presentation/sales meeting/etc.
As you are buttoning up your shirt, it happens. The button is either missing - or it breaks in your fingers. You frantically search for the little sewing kit that hotels always put in the room. The button is a different size and your sewing capabilities are limited.
CURSE THAT DARN DRYCLEANER or LAUNDRY you think to yourself.

Sound familiar?

Let me tell you why this happens. Buttons are made off-shore. China, India, Pakistan, etc. And quality control is often non-existent. These cheap plastic buttons are not made to survive the temperatures of commercial laundry. I believe many buyers for the garment industry are just not aware of the problem. If the button looks good, and the price is right, they buy. After all, they have no responsibility once the end customer has purchased the garment.

How to prevent broken buttons: Ask your cleaner to replace all the buttons when the shirt it new. Cleaners buy high quality aftermarket buttons that stand up to the cleaning process. Also, many original buttons are unable to be matched. If you replace them all up front, any lost buttons will be a non-issue in the future

we have developed a men's shirt program that will replace all the buttons on a shirt for $20. We remove all the buttons and replace them with buttons that are quality made and will withstand the heat of commercial laundry. Like most quality cleaners, we replace buttons that break during cleaning/pressing. But they do not always match exactly.

Replacing all the buttons at once has several benefits: There is no mix-mash over time as buttons are replaced one by one - often a shirt will end up with several different looking buttons and/or thread, and most important, you will avoid the scenario of being in a hotel room with no button on your shirt.

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