Caring for Your Neck Tie

A favorite Christmas gift for men is the necktie. Neckties are also a way to add a fashion statement to men's business attire. Today I want to talk about what you can do to make you ties last for years to come!

AVOID STAINS: People don't realize that ties are specialty items and are not really intended to be cleaned too frequently. That said - the best way to avoid wear is to protect your tie when you eat. Pulling it to the side, removing it or covering it with a napkin are all good options.

UNTIE THE KNOT: Leaving the tie knotted between wearings may cause permanent wrinkles. Always store your ties untied! Be gentle when you tie and untie your tie. Do not pull the small end through the knot to untie as this action forces undue stress on the fragile bias material comprising most ties.

REMOVING WATER MARKS: Ties should not be rubbed to remove a stain with the exception of water marks. Some water marks can be removed by lightly rubbing the mark with the small end of the tie, use no moisture or agents. Be sure to rub gently and monitor progress from all angles to prevent damage to the finish.

REMOVING WRINKLES: After removing your tie for the day, if there are any wrinkles, roll the tie around a finger, slip the rolled tie off, and store overnight. Do not roll too tightly and do not keep it in the rolled up position for more than a day or two. If this is unsuccessful, try rolling the tie in the other direction. Never press a tie with an iron!

CLEANING TIES: Ties are very fragile and require experienced and competent care. Proper cleaning can only be achieved by a professional that will take the care to hand treat, very gently clean, and block the tie to its proper shape. Ties should never be ironed or pressed, as such actions will force the bias material out of shape and cause impressions, crease edges and generally remove life from the tie.

Inspect some finished work from a cleaner before entrusting one with such unique articles.

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