New app to help with dry-clean errand!

I am a long time Verizon user and have been longing for an iPhone for years! Recently, I purchased an iPad. And I love it! Unfortunatly, my burning desire for an iPhone has only increased as I experience the usefulness and fun aspect of the iPad applications also known as apps. From google goggles, to star gazer, from vuvuzuela to pull my finger, these apps range from the useful to the silly.
Apps are elegant and fun to use.

So what does this have to do with Drycleaning? Well, I just ran across the dry-clean only app! I have downloaded the lite version for the iPhone on my iPad, and so far, it looks pretty useful. Enter in your receipts when you drop off your items. . . And get a push notification 2hours before your pick up time.

Pretty cool!

If you want true convenience, get pick up and delivery Drycleaning service -you can still use this app for that.
So far, this app only has rated 2 stars. I was so excited that it existed, I wanted to share immediately.

Click here to read about this app:

If you have any experience, positive or negative, with this app please share with us!
Thanks and happy cleaning!