Six Secrets to making your Household Textiles Last!

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Just after the holiday season, retailers bet the bank that you’re not all shopped out. They want to draw you in with their after-Christmas sales, such as the white sales for bedspreads, comforters, sheets, and linens. Perhaps the impulse to redecorate your bedroom will draw you to their store or website.

A bedspread is an outer covering for a bed that goes over the sheets and blankets. It is usually a
decorative component of the bed set.

A comforter is a quilted bed cover. The cover consists of an outer face fabric, a center batting (usually a fiber mat or down), and a backing fabric. These three layers are held together with a stitched pattern or simulated stitching. The comforter may be used for decorative purposes, like a bedspread, or in place of a blanket.

Unlike clothing care labels, which provide instructions for how to properly care for the garments, the Federal Trade Commission’s Care Label Rule does not require permanent labels on home furnishing fabrics. Most bedspreads and comforters are sold with care instructions on a hang tag, a temporary label, or on the packaging.


Six Secrets to making your Household Textiles Last!

While we are clothing care experts, we also know a thing or two about household textiles, which, in addition to bedspreads and comforters, include draperies and curtains, blankets, upholstery, slipcovers, decorative pillows, rugs, and heirloom textiles.

To protect and prolong the beauty of your household textiles, remember these basic tips:

          1. Protect all furnishings from sunlight, fumes, and pets.
          2. Damage, like tears, should be repaired immediately.
          3. Vacuum and/or brush to remove dust regularly.
          4. Follow the cleaning recommendations.
          5. Do not allow the item to become extremely soiled, and have any stains removed immediately.
          6. Do not store household textiles that are not clean and stain-free.

One Final Note (Caution, a strong opinion is coming - from me - not the DLI)
Ditch the dust ruffle!  They act as filters and catch dust lint and debris.  Unless you clean them regularly, every other month, they are not clean.  They are difficult to remove, difficult to clean and they keep the dirt trapped right at your bed where you spend hours sleeping and resting.  In my opinion, they are a health hazard!


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