How to Impress Women

We can tell if you don't get your shirts professionally laundered. They just don't have that crisp finished look. The lines on the side or arms are a dead giveaway, or maybe its that slightly fuzzy look that gives it away. These days lots of guys are wearing funky dress shirts over jeans. Its a great look! But if its wrinkled (not the wrinkled look - big difference), we wonder "why can't he spend $3 to get a shirt pressed? His time must not be valuable."

I was recently fortunate enough to attend a networking group that consisted of (mostly) very successful (read millionaire) Internet businessmen. It was a fascinating experience! They were all there to network and get ideas from each other. It quickly became clear that they were driven to be successful in ALL aspects of their lives. Many were married and work life balance was discussed more than once. At one point they got so specific as to ask the question "how can I make sure my wife (partner, etc) feels loved when I work such long hours and travel frequently?"

Now as a woman, I have heard this story countless times from the other end of the conversation. I found this discussion really impressive. One recommendation struck me as brilliant in its simplicity; no matter whether both partners work or not, get a house keeper. If you are never home and never clean or do dishes etc. resentment will build in your partner. But if you are home - it is more important to have quality time, rather than spend it cleaning toilets.
Wow! So simple and so true

After the epiphany of the house cleaner, I started questioning how many of them used drycleaners, and of those that did, did they have pickup and delivery service. Actually, I could tell right away that most of them did not use a cleaner. Most were wearing dress shirts and it was apparent that they (turns out it was their wife) did the laundry.

Now the age range of the group was 25 - 50 and the over 40 crowd seemed a little more savvy about drycleaning. However many of the younger ones had never even consider it. When I asked if they could think of a more tedious time consuming chore than laundry, I got the impression most of them didn't do their own laundry. Suddenly a light went on - while they already had a housekeeper, they could also get the laundry sent out. What about sheets? Khakis?
They found a new way to be successful and a hero at home! And it was simple.

These were entrepreneurs that made their living by selling their ideas - that pretty much applied to everyone there. How they looked would be key to making a sale to investors, customers (if they met them in person) or their wives. And every one of them wanted to look as successful as they were (Don't get me wrong there won't be any suits anytime soon) and make life better for their family.

What is important in life? All these success stories put their family, their time and their image at the top of the list and that is exactly what a drycleaner can do for you.

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