The Truth About Green Cleaning!

Lets talk about green. I hear again and again from consumers that want "green" cleaning.

I often hear consumers wanting to avoid the toxic and carcinogenic dryclean solvent that is profiled in the news every few years. If your cleaner is conscientious - rest assured, no matter what solvent they are using, that drycleaning process is gentler on the environment than when you use your washer at home.
Over 99% of the solvent, soils and detergents are recaptured in the drycleaning process. These are disposed of in proper facilities. Solvent is added to the system on a monthly (or less frequent) basis. Compare that to the water and detergents that go into our sewer systems every time someone runs a washing machine. . . . what type of soils are in the clothes? Are the loads full? Normal detergents are full of phosphates that are very damaging to the environment.

YOU CAN HELP your drycleaner help the environment:

According to Green is Sexy, 3.5 billion wire hangers go into U.S. landfills every year, and they sit in there for over a hundred years; reduce that number by returning your hangers (Gently Used!) to the drycleaners. The next time your non-washables travel to the drycleaner, BYOH – your drycleaner will thank you (hangers are expensive) and so will the Earth!
And by the way, take the plastic back to your cleaner, or to your grocery store. It cannot be recycled in most home recycling programs!