What you should know about the Clean Show!

I just got back from New Orleans and am so excited about all I saw and heard about. I had never been to New Orleans and loved the chance to see the city (and the swamp, which I highly recommend seeing if you get the chance!).
It took me 2 days to walk the entire show - and I am going to present the few things that the general public may be interested in:-)
I thought the entrance to the show was very striking this year, so I included a photo for you!

The number one theme that ran through this show (besides clean of course) was a move to be more environmental. In an industry that is constantly under attack for toxic chemicals, detergents, plastics, etc. I loved seeing everyone trying to be green!
From green detergents for use by the cleaners to green detergents to sell to the drycleaners customer. The Association of Wedding Gown Specialists was touting their ZeroCarbon wedding gown preservation. There were two degradable plastic vendors and at least 4 reusable garment bag companies. I think the Green Garmento is a marketing warrior. They managed to get their bags as part of the Swag bag given to the stars at the Oscars!

However, I thought the Green Earth people took the prize for the best display. They provide an alternative solvent to drycleaners from the traditional perc (perchloroethylene) or hydrocarbon drycleaning solvents. It is a silicone solvent (D5), similar to the chemical used in many hand lotions and beauty products. Check out the Green Earth booth:
Green earth also is working on a laundry method that would use 90% less water! Check out this article http://www.fibre2fashion.com/news/textile-news/newsdetails.aspx?news_id=74090

Finally, I want to share with you that I was on a panel at the show talking about automation. I was one of two cleaners selected because of using so much automation in our plant. There were also 3 vendors there provided these sorts of solutions. I found it interesting that the main sales pitch seemed to be reducing labor and cost - understandable. But I tell you what. . . . Automation allows a drycleaner to track garments and customer preferences better. AUTOMATION ALLOWS THE DRYCLEANER TO PROVIDE A BETTER CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!
Thanks for reading:-)

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