A Consumer Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Drycleaning

I just read a great article in a Miami newspaper and wanted to share.


This article does a good job of talking about manufacturing issues where the drycleaner is often blamed, color loss during cleaning is one example. They also talk about a few instances when the manufacturer was fined. One note: in the US, all wearable garments are required to have one method of cleaning on the care label and a content label. It is NOT required to be correct.

I recommend that you look for a cleaner that does not rely on the care label. He should read the care label, but the cleaning method should be based on the Drycleaners experience and testing the garment before cleaning.

Care labels are often wrong and any drycleaner worth their salt will use a care label as a guideline only!


John Kenly said...

Yes you are right reading label is not enough to perform job well.

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The Ablitt's said...

Thanks for the comments!