Why going to the cleaners in the rain can ruin your clothes

Where I live we have been having more rain than usual. I commented to a friend that people don't go to the Drycleaners when it's raining. She quickly corrected me. According to her, once we are used to the rain, it no longer deters us from things we need to do.

I began to think about why I thought rain and Drycleaning was not a good mix. . . True, water can cause spots on some silks. I always recommend to my wedding gown clients NOT to bring in their gown on a rainy day unless necessary. . And I insist on protection! Why do I feel so strongly?

So, there you are at the cleaners. You get out of your car with your lovely cashmere sweater or wool suit, and dash into the cleaners to avoid getting drenched. The clerk behind the counter takes your garments, gives you a receipt and puts your items in a bag.

It's done, right? It's out of your hands. . . Or is it?

Here is the danger. . . Drycleaning is "dry". This means there should be no water or moisture in the process. If your cleaner is sub par, and does not air dry your clothes before cleaning, shrinkage, color damage and wrinkling will occur.

So today's tip, don't take wet clothes to the cleaners.

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John Kenly said...

I agree with you. Clothes should be protected from rain water.

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